Fuji Machine Iran - Fuji Distributor Iran

Fuji Machine Iran – Fuji Distributor Iran

Fuji Machine Iran – Fuji Distributor Iran

Considering the growing market of electronic industry and local manufacturing of both, commercial electronics and expanding automotive electronics industry in Iran, after several meetings between the two companies during 2015 and 2016 the Parties decided to test the market by participating in the 2016 ELECOMP trade fair in Tehran.
Showing the latest technology achievements of Fuji Machine Manufacturing company by exhibiting the latest NXT III SMT pick and place machine and the new printers, raised a lot of interest among the industry and therefore the two companies decided to introduce the latest innovation in Pick and place machine to the Iranian market.

Grandil is proud to be the sole Agent of Fuji Machine Manufacturing now in Iran and we look forward for a long-term corporation in the interest of our electronic industry in Iran by providing first class services by experts trained by FUJI.


At the time Grandil is the only official Fuji Ditributor  in the Iranian market.

About FUJI Machine

Fuji Machine Part 1

It All Began Here

On April 7, 1959, fourteen friends gathered together with a small amount of capital to establish a machine tools manufacturing company. Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. was born. The first machine from Fuji, called the “FS-type single function machine”, was the beginning of the Fuji standard. This machine soon became a favorite in the industry due to its unprecedented productivity. In the same year, Fuji decided to increase its number of factories to deal with the incredible number of orders for its machines. Headquarters were set up in Chiryu, Aichi prefecture.

Fuji Machine -New Challenges

 New Challenges

Using its knowledge of machine tools and brimming with ideas for product development, Fuji entered the field of automated assembly machines.The skill needed to produce over 100 different machines led to the development of automatic electronic component assembly machines (SMT machines*).*Machines which place electronic components on the printed circuit boards found in all of today’s electronic devices.

Fuji Machine - Shape, Place, Attach

 Shape, Place, Attach

Machine tools that “shape” metal with high precision. SMT machines that “place” electronic components with high precision. Always working towards automation and higher productivity to create machines that set new standards within the industry.Assembly machines that “attach” a wide variety of parts. For example, automation of solar panel assembly and LED lighting assembly processes at a single machine

Fuji Machine -The Best Technical Capability


The Best Technical Capability

Fuji is proud that its SMT machines are the best in the world in terms of part placing accuracy and quality. This photograph shows a finger pointing to what at first glance appears to be just a single block. This block covers an area of approximately 8 mm2. In fact, over 60 0.4 x 0.2 mm electronic parts have been mounted in this area without touching each other. This amazing feat has been performed on a Fuji machine.

Fuji Machine - innovative spirit


innovative spirit

The words “innovative spirit” signifying the perpetuated spirit since Fuji was first established, capture the feelings at our company. There have been many occasions in Fuji’s 50 year history in which we have drawn on our spirit to constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and create. This has been the driving force to build a new Fuji.

Fuji Machine - Smile

 Bringing a Smile to People Throughout the World

We ask ourselves, “What can we do?” so that people throughout the world can be happy. By constantly providing customers with satisfying products, we can answer their cries for “more”.

Fuji Machine - Working With Local


Working with Local Communities

We build bonds with local communities as part of our global activities. We help people and the local area, and in turn they give us their respect and gratitude. Our goal is to be a friendly company that never loses touch with local people.



A Better Today, A Better Tomorrow

Sometimes we fail at certain tasks. This can bring us down before we even realize it. However, it is important to be enthusiastic in taking the experience of those failures and using them in activities for tomorrow. This enthusiasm and passion leads to growth as a professional. Making today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Always moving forward.Professionals like these are what makes Fuji the company it is

Fuji Machine Iran – Fuji Distributor Iran

Fuji Machine - To the Future


To a Bright Future

Fuji paints a picture of the future.A society that brims with brightness, natural surroundings and laughter.A society where everyone can live in peace, safety and comfort.
We provide the best products in the world and contribute towards creating a society of plenty in the future.

Fuji Machine Iran – Fuji Distributor Iran