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STANNOL SOLDERS for printed circuit  boards  are produced from virgin metals only. Stannol manufactures many different high purity solders for electronics  manufacturing. These solders are produced to international standards or with special characteristics such as minimised dross and minimised copper leaching.

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Solder Bar FLOWTIN+ Stannol | Lead Free

Solder Bar FLOWTIN+ Stannol | Lead Free

Flowtin TC offers the following advantages: 

  • Advanced solder for wave soldering 
  • Less dross formation 
  • Less solder bath maintenance 
  • Avoids oxide related soldering defects 
  • Eutectic solder (melting point at 227 °C) 
  • Operates best at 260-270°C solder bath temperatures
  • Made in Germany


solder bar Sn63pb37

Solder Bar Sn63Pb37 WSL3 Stannol

Stannol Solder WSL3 is a soldering alloy on a tin-lead base for the soldering of printed circuit boards in wave soldering machines and static baths.

  • A strongly reduced tendency to oxidation; this means maximum efficiency with most economical solder consumption
  • Consistent soldering results due to optimum wettability of the solder
  • Reduced bridge or cone formation (reduction of the short-circuit risk) The tinned surface is bright and shiny


Solder Bar Alloy SN100C

Stannol Solder Bar Alloy SN100C and SN100CE

Solder Bar Alloy SN100C 

SN100C is a silver-free, eutectic lead-free solder, based on Sn99.3Cu0.7 and conforms analogous to ISO 9453:2006 (alloy number 401) with micro-alloyed additives (<500ppm). The SN100C has been developed and patented by NIHON Superior, licenced and produced by STANNOL. This solder shows due to his formulation with micro alloying elements like nickel and germanium unique properties in all applications.

The SN100C alloy is a micro alloyed solder, based on the eutectic Sn99.3Cu0.7 alloy. This world-wide accepted and very often used alloy reduces the dross formation as well as the copper leaching from PCBs and components into the solder bath effectively.