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Established in 1976, Grandil Co. started as an importer of electronic components for different industries. With time, the company became a significant audio and video product supplier, capturing more than 60% of the SKD and CKD market share. In response to the increasing demand for their products and services, Grandil diversified into consulting engineering activities and ventured into machinery production, including electronic tools and components. This move allowed them to expand their range of products and services and establish their expertise in the electronics industry.

In the mid-1980s, Grandil added production machinery, such as soldering and de-soldering equipment, wire cutting and forming equipment, and other electronic tools and components, to their product line. In line with the government’s five-year development plans, the company saw the potential of the telecommunications industry and entered this market. This decision was wise; by the mid-1990s, Grandil had completed one of the most significant technology transfer projects for the Telecommunication Company of Iran, solidifying its position as a market leader.

Today, Grandil has over four decades of experience and is well-known for its exceptional after-sales services in both sales and engineering. The company partners with over 600 companies and suppliers across various industries, offering high-quality products from renowned industry names, including Fuji P&P machines, Pbt works, Seho, Koki, Stannol, ECS, Vision, Viking, and Weller. Grandil’s success results from its commitment to choosing dependable partners with quality products worldwide. The company uses its extensive experience in the industry to continuously improve its products and services, staying ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest marketing tools and e-marketing capabilities to meet the needs of its thriving market.

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