• Our high performance cleaning machines are designed to remove all unwanted contamination present in electronic manufacturing and micro-mechanic processes
• Removing post reflow resin and flux soldering residues from PCBAs eliminates eventual corrosion leading to dendrite formations, leakage currents and shorts
• Defluxing is highly recommended for circuit boards populated by BGA, CSP, LGA, QFN, MELF and other low standoff components
• Thorough cleaning with optimal wash process significantly improves surface insulation resistance (SIR) – it is a major factor for increasing reliability of electronics running in harsh environment
• Removing residues before wire bonding and tape bonding, with proper surface passivation greatly improves bond adhesion, assures sufficient results on bond share tests
• Cleaning before conformal coating assures low surface tension of electronic assemblies and greatly improves coating adhesion and eliminates potential of corrosion under protective layer
• Automated SMT stencil cleaning reduces risk of mechanical damage of the stencil and is faster compared to traditional manual cleaning
• Regular cleaning of condensation traps and filters from SMT ovens ensures their error-free heat transfer functionality
• Cleaning of soldering pallets and jigs removes solder balls and solder splashes, improves the PCBA placement precision in the solder wave or selective solder machine reduces cross-contamination by flux and significantly prolongs the lifetime of pallets

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