Weller Dowload

Tools That Work As Hard As You

Founded by the American Carl Everet Weller in Besigheim Germany in 1959, Weller has been offering the latest state of the art technology for the controlled soldering everyone can trust till now.

Since then this location serves not only as production site, development and logistics center for all Weller products, Besigheim is also the sales and marketing headquarters for all Weller products. But now, the company is a child company serving as the Professional Electronic Tool section of Apex Tool Group headquartered in Sparks, Maryland USA with more than 7,600 employees operating over 30 countries with USD 1.2 billion.

This segment consists of the business operations providing precision soldering, de-soldering, hot air, re-work, BGA/QFP repair, electric screwdrivers, dispensing, and fume extraction systems and related accessories to electronics assembly industries.

During these years, Weller has permanently been monitoring, analyzing and responding to the market changes. Accordingly and with its vision of a future worth living, Weller has established products in-line with the environmental concerns and to protect users’ health like lead-free soldering wires, and fume extractions. Meantime, the products fitted with a standby-function are also another feature showing Weller’s energy consumption approach.