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About SEHO

Since its foundation in 1976, SEHO is world wide THE partner whenever soldering is involved.  Whether in the automotive industry, medical equipment, production of industry, telecommunication or entertainment devices: electronics manufacturer rely on soldering technology from SEHO.  Our outstanding experience and our promise of quality made us one of the leading manufacturers of our industry.

SEHO stands for ‘Quality Made in Germany’.  This label requires perfectly qualified employees, team spirit and innovative technology.

Humans keep the company running

Qualification and dedication of our employees are the basis for corporate success.  With flat hierarchies and dialogue-oriented corporate structure, SEHO provides the latitudes for taking responsibility and for diversified professional career development opportunities.  Therefore, our social responsibility remarkably exceeds legal requirements..

Research strengthens competitive capability

Innovations are an important factor for growth.  The work of our technicians and process engineers today constitutes the basis for your corporate success of tomorrow.  Therefore SEHO invests consistently in research and development.

SEHO invests every year nearly 7 % of the business turnover for research and development which is far in excess of the sectoral average.  Our activities concentrate on future-oriented technologies, however, we also focus on the consistent development of our soldering sysems. Communication and co-operation are important prerequisites for effective research and development activities.  Therefore the SEHO R&D staff maintains intensive contacts to numerous partners at universities, research institutes and business companies.